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We're not ones to brag, but hey, we're a brand, so sometimes we have to. If you've landed here, it's because you want to know where we've been and who's been talking about us, so good news - we're here to tell you. Scroll through and be prepared to be impressed!

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Modern Animal Articles

Five Clever Ways to Hide Your Cat's Litter Box
Any owner knows that the litter box is a necessary part of living with cats. Indoor cats, especially, rely on litter boxes for their bathroom needs.
What Happens When a Dog Eats Chocolate?
Chocolate may be an irresistible, delicious treat for humans, but all forms of this food are strictly off-limits for our canine companions.
POPSUGAR: If Your Dog Won't Stop Chewing His Paws…
t's not always all fun and games when you're a dog owner. It's a lot of hard work to take care of them to make sure they're happy and healthy. One thing on a long list of weird things your dog might do is chewing on his paws.
Pawp: Does My Dog Have Food Allergies? How Do I Treat Them?
We all know there’s a long list of foods that are toxic to dogs and to always be avoided. But beyond that, there’s a more individual truth. Dogs, like their human family members, can have food sensitivities and allergies.
Pawp: Do Dogs Dream? What Really Happens When Your Best Friend Falls Asleep
There are few things I love more than cuddling up with my dogs and taking a nap. Part of that distinct pleasure is watching the fur babies sleep.
Readers Digest: 9 Medical Reasons Why Your Dog Might Smell Bad
As much as we love our fur babies, we have to admit an inconvenient truth: Sometimes they smell. It could be a medical issue that needs attention right away.
INSIDER: Veterinarians reveal 10 of the most common mistakes pet owners make
Helping your pet live their best life isn't always easy. But there are a few ways you could unknowingly be making their life a bit more difficult or even be missing out key warning signs related to their health.


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